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July 30, 2012
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Boast Busters by J-Mpn Boast Busters by J-Mpn
This took a lot more time to finish than I expected.. I started this last Friday, but due to all errands and stuff that needed to be done, I had very little time to work with this until today.

I don't have much to say about this one. I had two options which I could work with. The one made and the scene where Twilight's horn is sparkling. Ended up drawing this, due to Trixie not appearing later in the series (excluding that of Ponyville Confidential). Trixie is one of the better looking side characters in the series in my opinion. Hopefully she will make a reappearance in the 3rd season.

Original, color only and line art will be where they have been before. Hint: in scraps.
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schneelocke Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
Very nice. :)
RK-Striker-JK-5 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
What must be remembered is that the lie and challenges happened after Dash's heckling. Heckling that happened, what, a minute after she began her stage show? None of the others in the crowd save for Dash, Rarity and Applejack minded Trixie's 'boasting', which for all the hype was simply her trying to get an audience for her show. None of them had to stay if they didn't like it. It was an open-air venue.

As for the Ursa, Snips and Snails got it on Spike's suggestion. And despite her being in a town she had no attachment to, she still fought the beast, knowing she had no chance but still TRYING-which is more, I might add, than what her hecklers did. And they still mocked her for it. "All hat, no cattle," to quote Applejack, who might I say again, did nothing against the beast.

But Trixie did. She tried. And she lost her wagon and everything inside it. Simply because three jackasses couldn't simply turn and walk away.
ShadowWing09 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013

While Dash's actions weren't appropriate, she DID ask the sensible question: "What makes you so special?" as Trixie's act wasn't living up to her boasting, blatant false advertising. Effectively, she's a charlatan.


Also, Dash stopped causing a scene once Trixie made the Ursa claim, but it was Trixie who started making random challenges and taunting the audience. In fact, the first one she tried to pick a fight with was TWILIGHT, who even Trixie's defenders admit hadn't done anything wrong.


No "heckling" went on, Rarity made two irritated comments directly in response to Trixie's bragging, and a third comment explaining to Twilight why they were annoyed, and Applejack made ONE comment that was nothing more then an explanation to Twilight as to why they were annoyed


Not to mention Applejack only stepped in because Trixie tried to pick a fight with Twilight.


To top it off, Trixie goaded Rarity into a confrontation, not the other way around. Heck, Rarity was criticizing Applejack and Rainbow Dash at the time, not Trixie. You'd think Trixie would appreciate the support


Trixie did NOT fight the Ursa to protect the town, she did it to maintain her lie, as evidenced by her only stepping in when Snips and Snails reminded her of said lie.


Applejack, Rarity, and Dash did not "mock" Trixie, they were explaining to Twilight why they don't consider her a showoff like they do Trixie


You called those three "jackasses", but you're ignoring that Trixie was condescending to her customers, rude to her fans, and downright malicious toward those who called her out on being a charlatan, not to mention she talked down to Twilight after Twilight's actions effectively saved Trixie's life.

RK-Striker-JK-5 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Okay, really short here. Heckling did go on. "Magic, schmagic, boo!" All of them were making such comments right in front of her stage, to boot. Rather hypocritical comments considering the three.

Trixie had the means to escape the Ursa Minor and run off. Or cower there... like her hecklers and detractors did. Yes, they did mock Trixie. "All hat, no cattle." Applejack says this after not lifting a HOOF against the Ursa. Trixie, meanwhile, made an honest effort against it. She didn't have to. She did. They didn't. They stood there literally shaking in fright. They ARE jackasses to her.

And Trixie was condescending to... those three. That's about it. No one else took issue with what amounts to advertising for her show, nor showing them up. And Trixie has flaws, yes. She did some wrong... but the wrong done to HER was quite a bit, too.

Oh, and goad or not, Rarity still ripped down Trixie's property and turned it into a dress.
ShadowWing09 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013

Two of Rarity's comments were DIRECTLY IN RESPONSE to Trixie's bragging, her third comment and Applejack's ONLY comment were explanations to Twilight, and both of them spoke in a normal tone of voice, with neither of them making any attempt to actually cause a scene or embarrass the performer, as per the definition of heckling.

Dash's comment was inappropriate, yes, but she HAD REASON for what she did, and Trixie certainly made no attempt to take the high ground. Once she made her Ursa claim, she had dealt with her lone "heckler" who was no longer causing a scene. Trixie could have left it at that, as the audience was suitably impressed, but instead she chose to pick fights with random ponies, no even with her alleged "heckler". Calling out a charlatan for scamming their audience =/= heckling.


You make it sound like Trixie stood up to the Ursa right away. She didn't. The first thing she did was RUN AWAY so she's not as heroic as you make her out to be. Not that I blame her for not wanting to fight the Ursa, but the fact remains that she and her "hecklers" had the same initial reaction. She only fought the Ursa because her pride wouldn't let her admit to being a fraud. As shown when Snips and Snails reminded her of her claim. It was egotism, not courage that caused her to face the Ursa. Pride causes people to do stupid things, look at Rainbow Dash.


Applejack's comment "All hat and no cattle" meant that Trixie can't back up her bragging, which is true Applejack never claimed to be able to defeat an Ursa. How were they being Jackasses? Dash called Trixie a loudmouth, which she is: "a loud and talkative person, especially a gossip or braggart". Rarity said that she's "most unpleasant", which she is, see below. It was Karma, Trixie brought that on herself with her own behavior by being a jackass herself.


No, Trixie was condescending to her entire audience: "Anything you can do I can do better" she says to the entire crowd, not just those three. An entire crowd of ponies she's never even met, yet she claims to be better then them at the things that define their existence. You're also ignoring that she was rude to Snips and Snails, who are her fans, twice tried to humiliate Twilight, who had done nothing wrong, and then talked down to Twilight after Twilight essentially saved her life. On the flipside, Trixie was NEVER nice to anyone.

About "no one else taking issue". I can't help but think that's because they're the main characters, they're naturally going to be the ones delivering the message, and of course, receiving the focus. So of course the writers aren't going to show the negative reaction of anyone else, they're not the focus. The writers wanted to deliver an Aesop about bragging, and they needed the Mane Characters to be the one delivering the message.


The moral of the episode is: "Don't be a braggart, lest people call you out on it, or you get trapped in your lies", both happened, and it's to be expected when you annoy others by talking about yourself so excessively like Trixie did.

J-Mpn Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Hmm.. I guess that Trixie is more powerful than I thought: How else would she have fans that defense her like that?
ShadowWing09 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Fans are so enamored by her hilariously over the top personality that they completely ignore what a massive jerk she is ^_^;
RK-Striker-JK-5 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Well, she's not perfect, but the vast majority of stuff that happens in the episode really isn't her fault. And she does honestly try to fight the Ursa. And what happened to her was massively disproportionate to whatever she did before.

Also, nice drawing. :)
PDGZandRDBZluver Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Maybe its just me, but I always felt bad for her. I mean, since she wants to be a magician, she has to boast. I think the Mane 6 just went to far. I understand that she asked for volunteers, but why wouldn't they expect her to not do something seemingly mean when she's on stage or expect her NOT to lie? It seems rather rude what they did. Plus, the Ursa Minor destroyed her home. I wouldn't be very happy with the Mane 6 if they destroyed your life too. Anyway, I love this picture
J-Mpn Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
They didn't do anything serious to her though. Minus: it was Snail's and that other pony's fault that the ursa destroyed her carriage. When you think about it, Mane 6 had nothing to do with her downfall. It was her own lie that caused it.

Still, she is one of the more interesting side characters, and as I already stated, I would really like to see her in the next season.
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